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Detonate has come a long way since it exploded into being in 2017.


It started as a nanobrewery opened by the original owner, Nate. In 2022 he decided to sell the brewery, and Jonah was there to buy it from him. Fresh off of a bike trip and new to brewing, he jumped in headfirst, learning as he kegged with Nate as his mentor.

Now, after learning to brew and completely redoing the tasting room, Jonah's ready to bring Detonate back into the brewing scene with a mix of brews that came into being in the original run and new beers that are his own creation.

Detonate values the classics, but isn't afraid to take chances when it comes to brews. From a crisp and clean pilsner, to a daring and flavourful taco beer.

While Detonate's brews may not yet be on shelves, the taproom is open for tastings, growler fills, and an explosive time.

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